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Island Shape Modular Kitchen

Island Shape Modular Kitchen

Island Shape Modular Kitchen

Enrich The Modern Kitchen Look With Island Modular Kitchen

Island Kitchen is a standalone cabinet which is consist of extra cabinets and drawers where extra siting chair can also be added depending on the utilisation of freestanding cabinet. Island kitchen can be accessed from all sides while it doesn’t obstruct the main preparation area. Growing demand of island kitchen has made it a real face of modern kitchen. It is considered to be perfect for the family where they love to get together to relax, entertainment and chit chat around the cooking space.

Morok Design has multifaceted designs of Island that boast the elegance and comfortness of cooking. Our range of designs will satisfy the needs of storage and unclutter look. Central Island being an attraction and focal point of your attention gives the spruce up look to your kitchen. A well thought and planned island kitchen design will have a maximum utilisation to offer our craftsmanship gives attention to details get in touch with our experts now for better results.

Modular Kitchen