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Bathroom Interior Designs Ideas

Bathroom vanities and sink consoles are often the focal point of your bathroom. Whether your space is big or small, you’ll want to put some thought into your bath vanities and pick one that complements your space. The classic version of Bathroom Vanities is made of Plywood/WPC material. High qualities waterproof WPC will make it last longer. Our indispensable range of bathroom vanity is necessary to spruce up your bath space. We are manufacturer of the bathroom vanity based in Noida Whether you are looking for floating or floor based vanities our user friendly and space saving vanities will provide a splash of style to your bathing space. Our team of designer will navigate you through the best option available as per you requirements.

Floating Vanities

Our streamlined design of wall hung vanities make every inch counted. Wall hung vanities also known as floating vanities. It is one of the popular choices for small space room. Floating vanities make tight spot to look spacious. Greater accessibility is provided as extra room for walking or roaming is given. Refreshing and dazzled look is attainable for your bathroom with our bathroom vanity designs.
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