Cable and Wireless Stores

When Elegance Interior Architectural Woodwork was tasked to build unique product displays and countertops for new cable stores in the Caribbean, they began searching for the best solid surface for the job. The project called for curved product displays and longer than standard counters, all with a strict budget. After comparing the benefits of competitive products, they decided on Avonite Acrylic because of its Right Size program and its ability to provide the exact size specifications.

Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen components is an option for those wanting a unique contemporary look for their kitchen remodel or newly built custom kitchens. We love the clean, simple lines of these kitchen components.

Corian Acrylic Solid Surface

The Corian Acrylic Solid Surface is most beautiful solid surface sheets used to design unique patterns & uniques structures to glow your standard of living.


The solid surface material have been invented for half a century. It is a good alternative to natural stone, marble and granite. This material has been extensively used in the production of counter tops for years.

Solid surface bathtubs is relatively new to the bathtub market. However, its use has been gaining popularity due to its natural properties. The material is known to have excellent thermal properties and will maintain bathtub temperatures longer than other commonly used materials.

Creative Modern Acrylic Solid Surface Sink Wash Basin

Solid surface sink made by Tell World is the best answer to perfect combination of functionality and beauty. This Tell World solid surface sink is a luxury artificial stone vessel sink with a polished matte finish which will foulish in any of your bathroom or kitchen decoration plan.

Solid Surface Rounded Corner Wall Cube Shelf

Add a colorful pop to your room with this functional wall cube. Whether you’re storing toiletries in the bathroom, supplies in your office, books in your bedroom or collectibles in the living room, this shelf is a fun addition to any space.

These rounded corner wall cube shelf add a new and refreshing element to your room and can be easily combined with other pieces to create a customized wall space.

Compact Solid Surface Reception Desk With a Featured Central Upstand

The Compact Solid Surface Reception Desk come with a distinctive curve up stand in acrylic ort wood finishes. Part of the Evolution range of this reception desk comes in a comprehensive selection of modules to suit one, two and three person sizes.There are sufficient reception desks modules available with this desk to create an infinite number of reception desk layouts. It is also possible to supply Company logos directly on to the upstand at the factory for a small additional cost.

Acrylic Sarface