"State of Balance" plays a pivotal role in today's constant changing environment. With this in mind comes "ELEGANCE" both the name and the idea behind the firm Elegance Interior.

True to its motto if maintaing equipoise Elegance has been sourcing and marketing a range of interior and Turnkey Project related products.

Elegance is a young and a developing enterpreneurship managed by the experienced and qualified personnel who have hands on expertise in top of the line products enhancing the aesthetic beauty of one's decor.

Elegance ensures brand loyalty by emphasizing quality products and serving an assurance of customer satisfaction this building the goodwill for the firm.

We at Elegance believe in teamwork, as an important essence of growth and hence reinforce hard work and dedication in all our members so as to guarantee optimum results.


We bring to the table a depth of experience and an open minded process that revolves around creating and strategizing - and applying a significant dose of brain power.


Interiror decoration of home space requires balance and harmony. Choosing the right decor, style and colour that balances the spaces is of utmost importance. Our team recommends the right kind of material that would suit the client's personality the best.


Successful projects are the result of great planning. From design concept development tp site selection, we work together with you to ensure that your project starts off in the right derection.


Our Fitter are trained to the highest of standards, are uniformed, and instructed to identify themes, ideas and confirm all is... before an installations carried out.